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Other half of day have you time, use it healthy somehow else - forest walk, swimming, football, sports, jogging etc. Even if you will have training, it's hard to promise completion of this exam.

Allow 10-20% of your exam score change in worst side.

Identification number is written on the individual booklet, also identification number is written on the checklist with your answers.

My aim is to collect everything in one plase and give it for free with collected statistics.1. You can even send other tests, even not from Krok, if they with one answer and have a-b-c-d-e variants.Sometimes, departments within university prepare students to pass "Krok" by tests from their studying profile during the year.How you preparation may look like to avoid unnecessary moves?Tasks of Proctor go to institution, track a certain lecture halls with exam of a small group of students and be back with sealed envelopes of responses sheets by the same day.Each student is assigned Test Center's internal identification number that identifies the student in the Test Center's database during all supposed examinations.

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