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I am looking for a software/spyware that doesn’t have to be installed to the target phone. I would be more than happy if could suggest one or two that I can use.Reply Hi Kelly, glad to hear you were able to get refunds – you were lucky!

Any new instance of the software would need to be installed directly on to your new cell phone.

Is the cost of sending the information to a server a major consideration factor? Early versions did add considerably to the phone bill but they changed how the data is sent.

Modern apps can send the data in very small packages and so have little impact on costs.

You can however set preferences with the software and choose not to monitor photos or videos and so avoid any potential problems.

For most users the data transfers are tiny and will not be noticed. I have tried 2 product on the market that have not worked for me: auto forward and cell tracker 2013. The software was completely useless and luckily I was refunded both times.

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I don’t know those particular programs but it just proves how careful you need to be when looking for monitoring software.

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