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This should not give the impression that they are the only users, or that use in other demographics is rare.

In this regard, it is not surprising that young adults use CAM, or that in those under 18 it may be pushed on patients by parents.

Aside from the clinical offerings the hospital has made further efforts to make patients more comfortable by introducing several features for those in their teens and 20s.

The most likely user of CAM according to the NCCIH is a white, educated, older (around 50) and relatively wealthy female.Though most people are aware that cancer can strike at any age, older patients and children are often the first thought of.The patient population is significant; each year approximately 70,000 AYA cancers are diagnosed in the US, and an estimated one million worldwide.The treatments are either nonsense or a legitimate part of medicine that proponents try to pass off as integrative with the marketing term “holistic”.Integrated (but not integrative) care settings for AYAs hold the possibility of tremendous benefit for patients if done correctly and pseudo-medicine is excluded.

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This is not to say that either MSK or Roswell Park are perfect when it comes to the World of Pseudo-medicine.