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There’s an entire world full of non-Asian men, but more often than not, that’s not what they really mean when they say that — it’s White or bust.Another thing is that there’s a toxic trend with this type of Asian woman where she’ll try to validate her attraction for White men by putting down Asian men or Asian culture at large, as if it justifies her desire to glomp onto a White man.Even her mother has made some questionable comments in an attempt to protect her daughter from the backlash she’s received.But while we can easily understand that making racist comments about naming her “Black baby boi” dog (preferring names like “Africa” and “Ebola”) and supporting White power are bad, some netizens are having difficulty understanding why her comments regarding Asian men are negative, even inadvertently coming to her defense and reasoning that it’s “just her preference”.That’s toxic to Mark and their future relationship (and for the potential half-Asian sons they may have).Asian men aren’t crying “over the loss” of Lily May Mac.

But people do it all the time — including the author of this blog post.

But Lily will most likely date and marry a White man. And if her comments (and her mother’s) reveal anything, it’s that those children will grow up HAPA in a world that already minimizes the injustices they feel and a home that offers no respite from it.

That their Asian heritage comes second to their White ancestry, and that their Filipino blood isn’t something to be proud of.

This is the belittlement and dehumanization they are made to feel. What is bad is the approach to the attraction women like Lily take — that “cute White boys with yellow fever” give her hope, and that “I don’t date Asian men” is actually code for “I only date White men”.

They go out with their hopes up of finding a human connection, only to feel worthless through an interaction that was, quite frankly, rude and uncalled for on the woman’s part — as the saying goes, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. Second, how many of these women that flat out say “I don’t date Asians” actually date from the entire “non-Asian” pool?

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  1. This gives the two of you a chance to feel more comfortable in each other's presence, minimizes awkward silences, and gives you something to build on for your second date.