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Black white organization dating

*This dates Registry from 1758, briefly writes about the history of the Black Church in America.This institution which was the first source of land ownership for slaves in America (with the human character of black people) is viewed as the reason and savior of oppressed African people in the United States.Thousands of organizations promote the interests, values and heritage of non-White minorities. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the Introduction to Stormfront.You are also welcome to browse our other ten million posts, but you must register before you can post anywhere except the Open Forums.Called the African Baptist or "Bluestone" Church, this house of worship was founded on the William Byrd plantation near the Bluestone River, in Mecklenburg, Virginia.Africans at the time believed that only adult baptism by total immersion was doctrinally correct.In African-American history, "the church" has long been at the center of Black communities.

For many African-American Christians, regardless of their denominational differences, Black Churches have always represented their religion, community, and home.

This started the emergence of the black church as a separate institution.

At the time white southerners still sought to maintain control over African Americans' worship, for both religious and social reasons.

Originally called the First Colored Church the pastoral life of George Leile’s preaching is tied to its beginning.

In 1787, Blacks in Philadelphia organized the Free African Society, the first organized Afro-American society, and Absalom Jones and Richard Allen were elected as overseers.

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Black people in America also supported the autonomy of their congregation to make decisions independent of larger church body.