Civ 5 achievements not updating Couples sex chat

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Civ 5 achievements not updating

)..before 1000 AD was a bitch the first 2 runs but then it was cake on the 3rd...i have logged over 50 hours now..playing on king difficulty for fun and totally anihhilating ...a few diety as well but not as decisive..i am sitting here asking myself when will i ever get the last 1?Been missing 1 now FOREVER (well about 36 hours or so of game time anyways...Go from civilization to civilization whether you win or are defeated. If you need more info on how to make it through the a run, using a different civilization doesn't matter, it's the same for each, just a different name, let me know.I have to add that Du Wease's solution worked OK but still left me one short - Cheops in fact, which comes as no surprise.This is also the third game to feature an achievement called 'I'm On A Boat' (but don't get me wrong, I like me some Lonely Island) and 'I Can Has Nukes' feels like a very outdated reference.I have already won one Technological, Economic, and Domination victory.

Start with the Romans and work your way to the Germans. If you want to get some of the rare guys, it unlocked for me using the Zulu tribe to get my final one.

If I save before I get a Great Person and I get somebody I do not want can I reload my save and try again and unlock a different Great Person?

Here are the final 3 Great People I need: Cheops Gilgamesh Sargon I'm afraid who you get is totally random.

When I got the My Little Pony achievement I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes, it was such a harsh contrast to the semi-serious nature of the game that I greatly welcomed it and all the other ones I've been getting.

Overall the achievement names for this game look pretty good but while I can appreciate this one as a slightly obscure historical reference it's in very poor taste.

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LOL bombers were out and had battleships at the ready.the time i didnt even realize how important spies were or never woulda been that tense..made for some actual ACHIEVING feeling) And if what he meant by "Nuke them from orbit im thinking i did that rying to get my last person lol...i was the greeks and i had all cities took over except on capitol on king difficulty, i was making over 2,000 gold a turn alone with my on golden age scenerio...faster greats and faster tech..all wonders i could and each city had all its buildings..

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