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“ Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your fabulous site.I have gleaned great amounts of very useful information from the many articles you have posted and then following the chains of information to which they have led.” (a rabbi and author) “ You have a wonderful site that is up-to-date. Thank you for your hard work.” (an electrical engineering major in Pennsylvania) “ I love your blog [sic; science news site], and have been very blessed by your hard work of staying up to speed on current science news. articles so much that I am constantly quoting you and using some of your material on Facebook discussion boards.” (a paralegal in California) “ The things these ‘scientists’ and ‘priests’ of Darwin write are hysterical....Thanks for the work of gathering it into a convenient location.” (a maintenance tech in Colorado) “ I just found this site earlier today, and I can't stop reading! (a real estate investor in Texas) “ First, thank you for your site. I spend a lot of time debating evos on web sites ... I've been reading it for several years now and I would like to become a regular donor....This seems like a great place to keep myself updated in this heated debate between Creation science and Darwinian nonsense. It won’t be much, but I’d like to do what I can.I also liked seeing the criminally underused Nicholas Rowe as Richard Burbage and Zoe Wanamaker as the Duchesss of Pembroke.It was Wanamaker's father, Sam, who fought to rebuild the Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames, where it stands today, as evidenced by its inclusion in this production.This truth has dawned on physicists too: universal equations are all very well, but the world actually consists of particular solutions, and these are generally the result of contingent history.

” (an IT security consultant in the midwest) “ I always thought that science and the Bible should not be at odds with each other and prayed that God would reveal the truth about evolution/creation through science to us.In the film, Boyd would have you believe that everybody he knew was trying to get their favorite cash cow to leave London and effectively retire from the stage.I also liked a lot of things about "A Waste of Shame," not the least of which was Rupert Graves' dead-on impersonation of the Bard.Though being an electrical engineer student, I may or may get involved with much biology in my future career; I still hope that my appreciation for God’s design may help me become a better designer myself.” (an undergrad in California) “ Your site is great. Whoever is doing the writing and researching is a genius: witty, funny, insightful, informed and always right on...make the darwinian farce look utterly laughable. I feel this issue is the primary issue standing between humanism and revival in America and the world.” (a reader in Florida) “ I have just recently started studying this science of God stuff with some degree of diligence and I am astonished at what I did not know and did not understand, despite my 58 years, and 4 Master’s Degrees, to include from an Ivy League school.Thank you for your efforts to get the true word out.” (a reader in Alabama) “ Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy creation headlines.

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The information is helpful in understanding and dismantling Darwinian foundations.

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