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Deluxe hotels and latest spa facilities along the Ein Bokek seashore, offer balm for the ailing as well as total relaxation in a truly out of this world environment, sun and salubrious air for vacationers fleeing colder climes.Bet Ha'Arava : Kibbutz, founded 1980; named after kibbutz Bet Ha'Arava which was destroyed by the Jordanians in the 1948 War of Independence. Ein Gedi Beach : Varied tourist facilities, including camping ground with caravans, bungalows, cabins and tent space; public campsite, beach, parking lot, first-aid clinic; gas station, restaurant and mini-market.Winter crops, tropical fruit and date plantations, as well as industrial enterprises, form its economic base. Enot Tsukim (Ein Fashkha) : Nature Reserve and bathing facilities; fresh water springs and pools in the midst of unique tropical vegetation, abounding with birds, fish and animals. Fresh water springs, waterfalls and a stairway of pools wrapped in rich tropical vegetation forming natural beauty spots and haven for desert wild life. Modern bathing facilities and paramedical services; Self-service dairy restaurant.Qumeran and the Dead Sea Scrolls : Important historic and archaeological site, reconstructed as a Nationa Park; ancient ruins afford fascinating insight into life of Essenes, religious secessionists of 1 centuries, who built a thriving communal centre in this remote area. Nahal Hever : Canyon with outstanding cliff views and ancient caves.Notwithstanding, it has been visited by humans since their hunter-gatherer days many thousands of years ago throughout history to the present day.In biblical times the area supplied salt to the world from the huge deposit known as Mount Sodom just south of Ein Bokek.

The special climatic conditions of the region, and the majesty and serenity of the surrounding desert induce a general feeling of well-being in the healthy and ailing alike. Rainfall amounts to no more than 50mm (two inches) a year.The water, ten times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea, has such a high specific weight that one can float effortlessly with no fear of drowning.The purifying qualities of salt, drawing toxins from the pores of the body, as well as the tremendous concentration of Bromine (20 times higher than in the ocean) has a relaxing effect on the nervous system; while Magnesium (15 times higher) counteracts skin allergies and clears the bronchial passages.Because of the great value of salt as a meat preserver, it was widely desirable.Roman fortresses were erected and manned to protect the caravansaries transporting these shipments, one of which was situated at Ein Bokek.

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