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Zoran Ilincic in his explanation of possibility to forecast earthquakes said that the first step is to determine the location of future earthquake.- The first phase would consist in measuring horizontal and vertical ground movements in the zone where there is a seismic risk.It is measured with it that tectonic plate on which Montenegro lies moves to Italy every year by 7 millimeters.After measuring horizontal and vertical displacement, it would proceed to the second stage where using the artificially caused seismic waves, analysis would be carried out under the shifting weight of the solid Earth's crust, similar to the process of finding mineral wealth.150 kinds of birds and 10 kinds of mammals live in this Park and in its forest there are 86 kinds of trees.

In close vicinity took place battle between Turks on one side and Montenegrins and Serbs on other side.

The CPR shows the combined net unrisked prospective recoverable resources (P50) for the two blocks, awarded to the Company earlier this year, as 1.8 Tcf natural gas and 144 MMbbl liquids (438 MMboe in total).

Energean is currently the sole operator, with 100% working interest, of offshore blocks 4218--26.

The CPR is an important step in scoping the potential of the offshore Montenegro area, which is currently underexplored, despite the fact that oil and gas discoveries were made during drilling by previous Operators in late 20th century, but not commercialized.

PEOPLE ABANDONING SKOPJE IN PANIC: New series of earthquakes frightened the residents of Macedonian capital!

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