Dating in your mid thirties

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The boys arrived back just in time for lunch which I had neatly prepared for them.

Jack asked me if they could borrow my car to show Mark around town, I thought why not but be back before tea.

Apparently he and his f****y moved to America from Nigeria as refugees when he was 8 years old and was on a scholarship at the school.

His real name is Mogeni which means ‘All about me is written in heaven’, but he changed it to Mark for the ease of pronunciation.

He rang me as he usually does to confirm the day he will arrive, only this time he asked if he could bring his roommate Mark to stay a week or two as his parents wouldn’t be home at the time and he had nowhere else to go.

I said that will be fine, but before Jack hung up he said.. Now I’m not a racist person but for some reason I was taken back by this comment, whether it was because my son may think I might have a problem with the color of his skin I don’t know but I can’t quite pin point the reason why it had stuck in my head.

I must admit I never really knew any black people, the area I grew up in were mainly white, apart from old man Jenkins who was the janitor at our school, oh and I had worked with the odd black person over the years but never really socialized with any.

The days just flew by and before I knew it, school holidays were upon us.

I remember once I saw a cute Asian girl at a stop light. My husband was out of town for work related business and said he would pick up Jack and his friend from the bus station on the way home. With me being a modest 5ft3 and my son and husband not a lot taller he stuck out like a sore thumb, he looked every bit a man and we just little c***dren.It was late afternoon when I heard my husbands car pull into the driveway, I waited in the living room to greet them, my husband walked in first then my son Jack, followed by his friend Mark who stood out not only because of the color of his skin but his share size compared to us. “Eh, mah names Mark” He said with a slight accent and a very deep voice which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Barry White CD.After tea we gathered around the TV and watched a movie, before long my husband was off to bed for the early start the next morning.I was feeling a little tipsy from the glasses of wine I had so I proceeded to follow hubby hoping to catch him before he fell asl**p.

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Mark was about 6ft4 with a muscular lean body, broad shoulders and very dark skin which was highlighted by his teeth and the whites of his eyes, he reminds me of the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who played the character “Mr Eko” in one of my favorite TV programs L. “Hi, I’m Jean, Jacks mom” I replied as I extended my hand to shake his, he held my hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss, while saying “Nice to meet yah mam” That caught me by surprise but I just smiled and said nice to meet you back as if to imply it was nothing.

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