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The complexity of the infoboxes means that an agent that does these corrections could be a bit complex, although its behavior could probably be controlled by the infobox mappings.

For instance, it may end up doing something a bit different for a "German Location" than it would for a "Settlement".

It seems like the first thing I ought to do is make a list of cities that aren't identified in DBPedia, and then the next stage is to work down that list and find the problems (6) I'm also interested in a mapping between wikipedia ontology concepts and dbpedia pages...

For instance, there's Practically, if I'm building a site that uses the dbpedia ontology (or something similar) I'm going to want to have user-friendly pages that have something to say about the taxonomic classes that the site uses.

On the other hand, if you look at the entry for Dresden, Dresden has Infobox: German_Location and the "Citiness" of Dresden is triggered by the line Art = City in the infobox.

There's also an Infobox for Japanese_City, so I'm sure that there are a lot of details.

If I go down this path far enough, I'm probably going to buy a new (wicked fast) hard drive, install the extractor framework, and want to get justifications about why the system made the assignments that it did and progressively identify the causes of misidentifications.(7) Along those lines, dbpedia-owl: Building really drives me nuts. Any human-made structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or continuous occupancy ) dbpedia-owl: Building has a number of subclasses under it which don't match the vernacular meaning of the word "Building", which is meaning #1.Practically, I'd say that a building provides an environmental shell, and would not include Airport, Bridge, and Launch Pad I would include the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Kennedy as a Building, however, since that provides an environmental shell.If this isn't stated somewhere, things are either going to be random or we'll be having edit wars.Personally I'd be willing to put my opinion in there, but I'd like to see some process as to how this gets done.

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It's only when you actually try to use "B" that you find that "B" is full of holes.

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