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Dating with confidence

The more you think about what you have to offer rather than what you don’t have, and express yourself authentically without trying to be someone else, the more confident you will feel on your date. Practice these skills and you’ll find that you not only appear more confident, but you also feel more confident because you’ll be able to focus on getting to know each other while staying true to yourself.When you start dating after a break up it can be daunting.There’s a better way to express yourself on a date than with this approach.The best way to exude confidence – in any situation – is by demonstrating it through your actions.Instead of appearing self-assured in who they were and what they could bring to the relationship table, they let nerves get the best of them and bragged about their accomplishments to impress their dates.They spoke about their possessions, their career success, and even their hard-core exercise routines! They just wanted to illustrate how confident they were in themselves, but this had the opposite effect and was a total turn-off for the women they were meeting.

If she leans back or seems disengaged, follow her cues and try asking her more engaging questions; you’ll know you have her attention when she deviates from the disengaged position.

Some of my coaching clients are working on feeling more confident in their dating lives. After my first break-up 6 years ago, I was terrified of dating again!

Back then, online dating was still a newer thing, but now it’s so mainstream that it feels like everyone’s doing it!

This is not a key requirement for being a good boyfriend.

Instead of your weaknesses, think about your strengths. Do you have career ambition or a passion for a hobby?

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Even if you’re reserved or shy, you can still be confident in who you are without overdoing it.

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