Devildawg cam4 dating a man with child from previous relationship

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To date, I have reviewed the .308 D10B and their AR15 pistol - to say the least, I was impressed with what Devil Dog is doing from a firearms perspective.There is of course a story behind the name Devil Dog.I have no excuse for my actions and realize there is nothing I can say or do to make this right.I have no more involvement in any capacity with Devil Dog Arms.

Sadly with the announcement of Mr Lucania, the investment company also fired everyone in the company about a week later.My observations were that their high quality, marketing, well equipped and accessorized rifles made them stand out from the plethora of “me too” AR15 manufactures popping up.In 2016 they even had a large Wall Street investment company backing them. Register, start posting, and if you want the real fun stuff, get a Garage Pass. They call me Pinque 2010 R/T Challenger 6.4 cam and Maggie @8lbs of boost. No matter your Mopar interest, post it up, and talk about it here.

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With Sincere Apology, Joe Lucania” - Devil Dog Arms Facebook page.