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Marvel was a beautiful colt, but too weak to nurse.

The veterinarians fed her through a tube for days and eventually taught Marvel to drink by filling pails with milk. On May 20 – one week to the day after laying Eleana to rest – they brought Marvel home to Wellsville also. The 17-day old colt needed feedings through the night, just like a human baby.

Virgin Atlantic designed a specially engineered aircraft known as the Global Flyer for Fossett's flight.

The Global Flyer was built by a company in Mojave, California.

Currently in the Philippines to promote her datinb film One Step Sandara Park revealed hints of her current relationship status and possibly those of her fellow 2NE1 members.

Hook up heated visor polaris has made exclusive interviews on the program in the past but it was her declaration of her relationship status that caught the most attention. We had a 3 yr dating ban, but I think I'm the only one who followed it.

If you subscribe to Verizon Fi OS broadband, you likely receive Fi OS phone .

initially connect to the Internet; Doesn't allow simultaneous phone and Internet use.

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At K-State, the x-rays showed what was called "catastrophic damage." Essentially, the knee was crushed, and Eleana was very heavy with foal. One alternative, of course, was to destroy the horse. Fortunately, the three-hour surgery was successful. The next question was, would the mare be able to have her baby – and would it survive? On May 3, Eleana gave birth to a healthy female foal.

A second was to cast the leg long enough for the colt to be born, and then put the mare down. The little colt was named Eleana's Marvel, or Marvel for short.

Sandara Park, G-Dragon dating rumors fuelled anew by former 2NE1 member's revelation that she came up with a personal makeup routine.

Sandara Park (Dara) is an actress, model, dancer and singer of one the most popular However she is rumored to be dating Kim Soo Hyun.

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When I say Marvel, I mean that literally - a horse named Marvel and her journey to rural Kansas. Marvel's story is relayed to us by Patrice Scott of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at Kansas State University.

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