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Kingone rainie dating

If you find that you would have some other drama in your own ' Beginner-Friendly' list, please let me know. , sole heir of a multimillion dollar inheritance has always been sheltered by his two sisters.

Deciding to finally get a slice of independence, he demands to attend a college away from home.

They decide that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, real drunk.

It's usually always either a hit or a miss for me. That is why, ladies and gentle folks, I have curated a list of 10 dramas (in no particular order) that may very well be great for beginners to sink their teeth into!

To think how much of a hassle it could be for beginners~ is a bit terrifying since I was once in that exact spot. However, the contents of this article are subjective to my own opinion.

While on a road to experiencing new things Xue Hai also decides to keep his fortune and real identity hidden, naming himself Dalang instead (after his favourite TV Cartoon "The Pink Panther").

However, when the certified dork first arrives in Hanzhou, he clashes with the school bully, Bao Zhu Xue Hai's child like innocence leads him into seeing the goodness in Bao Zhu and soon the two fall in love.

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