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Well, it had been about three months, (Samantha said later) so we agreed he could visit. We drink our favourite drinks, eat, drink again but we can still control ourselves. I whisper something into your ear, something tender. You stroke me as well, very tenderly, the way only you do.

Then he laughed and said he was calling from the airport in our town and said he would be here in less than 30 minutes. I take your arm and lead you to the main room for a dance. I confess that I forgot to put on panties today and you tell me the same. The song is over but we are still together, like two magnets that can’t part.

When you get tired of your spouse, it’s a clear sign that you should change them, couples meet and exchange their partners, husbands watch their wives being fucked, wives see their husbands’ dicks in some hot pussies, it’s hot!

To get an entire picture of me, notice my blue eyes, and full juicy lips to kiss.It seemed that he was bringing Maria here for me and so I wouldn’t be so left out while he fucked Samantha. We can only guess about our secret desires and opportunities. I have to admit we ran some risk as they had to agree before seeing their future partners. But the desire to try something new was stronger than fear and we chose the place to meet.(Read More…) Popularity: 11% This couples celebrates its anniversary in the restaurant, they both have prepared nice presents for each other, I am sure you’ll luv them… But I know for sure that we’ll remember this day for a long time. I look terrific today wearing a long black dress with a cut on the back and slits on both sides. (Read More…) Popularity: 8% Have you ever been to a swing party?This couple thinks that their sexual life is losing its colors, they want to do something to spice it up and that’s when the idea of bringing more people into sex comes up… I live in Kiev, Ukraine in an apartment with my husband. We have a satisfactory sexual life and fuck at least once in a day. We have tried many things including car sex, sex in the kitchen, bathroom sex, etc.Now this is about myself” I am 28 years old, and I am of 5”8 in height.

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