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Which is not true, he does have company of much younger people, and remember the situation changed when he took action.If you analyse your thoughts, a large part of your thought process / mind share is now consumed by hairy thoughts.To cut to the impact, he is now more confident, has more choice of company, and is no longer looking out for a partner, because now he feels it is not a problem to get one, when he is ready.Regards, Arijit Exactly what I mentioned sir that these same ladies who are rejecting me today will get accustomed,respectful and start expecting bald men when they reach late 20s and early 30s as in indian context more than 50% men get bald or start towards it after crossing 25 years of age.None of them actually want loving,caring etc they describe but the exact opposite. But sometimes,especially with girls , I try to build rapport and try to sync for dating they straight way reject because I am bald.And it fascinates me a lot that they seek treatment of princess even if they are fat,short,less intellectual ,dark and they want society to accept them but they can;t accept men with baldness and its obviously that just like its natures way that women will get boob,its nature way that only men can get bald. It hurts and somewhere I have lately developed kind of hate for women clan and getting the point that feminism is all bull shit as it doesn't aim to make society equally acceptable to both gender but giving superiority to women.Also, you can try something that a client of mine did with resounding success.He is 34 and had a similar problem to you, but was losing hair from the front.

Just like if I have to settle down for a girl whom I never thought I would ever date and end up dating them just becuase others aint availabel will be my majboori and will be equivalent to licking my spit.Along with other suggestions and changes to his getup, I suggested that he shave-off the remaining hairs from his head.At first he did not agree, but after 2 months of persuasion he did, and it was like a weight, lifted of his shoulders, His complete demeanour has changed.I am sure you also don't just approach everyone, but only those you consider suitable.Please give it more time and don't stop the search.

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Every time you get into a situation that you don't like, you will attribute it to your hair and your belief in the correctness of your narrative will get stronger.

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