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Later, animosity was caused by the fact that my mom tried to act like my natural father never existed; so I tended to idealize my natural father and dislike my "dad" more, not understanding it was not my "dad's" fault-- but my mom's longing for a standard nuclear family with no outside influences. I think if it gets serious and you fully trust the new mate (I hope you aren't introducing your dates to her too soon and back ground checks aren't a bad idea) you should make sure that your daughter understands that no one can ever replace her father. as long as you are doing your job as a mom and looking out for her safety, all will work out in the end.

What she did wrong was try to replace my natural father and fail to make sure I knew that my well being was the most important thing to her. She needs a full explanation as to the role this man will play in her life. I would explain that the new man may help you raise her (be an authority figure in your home) and that he loves her (hopefully) but that she doesn't have to call him dad unless she feels like it. My natural father didn't die, but he's been absent since I was about 3 years old... I later learned that my "dad" was as good as I was going to get in a father. I didn't really bond with him until I was 12 or 13.

It is hard enough on kids in general but harder when there has been a loss like that I think.

In case you made the mistake of missing the first series this year, the show - which did super well in the ratings for E4 - follows a group of celebs as they date members of the public with the help of expert matchmakers.

since my husband and my childrens dad passed away, all my other children have been bugging me TO get a boyfriend, but my 5 is hateful to them,when they talk to her she will just totally ignore them ( well she does that to all men) should I not date at all and wait awhile? My kids are very important to me, and I would want to hurt any of them, pls help!!!!

Back then, Eden said: "After a longer discussion with Stephen, Nadia and I have agreed that we can no longer support him in his search for love.

"It has been clear over the past week that despite some promising and fun early dates, his attentions are now elsewhere so it's time to call it a day."Charlotte has also tried her luck on Celebs Go Dating as she was one of the show's original stars.

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Back in series one, she, Joey Essex, Jack Jones, Tyger Drew-Honey, Paisley Billings and Stephanie Pratt tried to find love.