Rules for dating a non musician dating site for plus size women

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Rules for dating a non musician

You’ll be hanging around for a while yet—post gig schmooze, pack up, smoke outside the venue, then food with the band.

By the time you do finally go for the post-show hang, you are close to melting down because you haven’t eaten for hours, you’re exhausted, and you really need a few minutes to connect and feel the love with your guy.

Additionally, bands spend long hours together on tour buses, airplanes, etc., and endure the hardships of the road which can be deep bonding experiences. If your fella is somewhat famous you will need to learn to deal with that and it’s not always easy.

Not so much fun when you’re exhausted, schmoozed out and really just want to hang tight with the dude. Learn to accept it and learn to extract yourself, if possible, with a smile.Realize that fans are shameless and many of them have no qualms about interrupting you and your dude at anytime—for example, while having a drink together, or just about to start eating a meal that you’ve been served in a restaurant.Fans are very important and hey, they help pay your rent, so you need to be gracious even when you feel like tellling them to piss off, which you frequently will.Learn to love the solitude; it contains many gifts, but to get them you have to penetrate the deepest core of loneliness and separation. Of course you want that loving connection with your man, particularly in these moments, but try to separate the need for support from the need to touch in and feel the love. And remember, part of what made you fall in love with him was exactly that passion and creative spark that needs to be nurtured by his artistic expression. To get to be that closely connected to a channel for musicality is a blessing. The ‘musician hang’ can be fantastic, so relish it.If you can do this, you may find freedom and ecstatic unboundedness on the other side. It can help to be direct; tell him you need a shot of energetic love and a hug. If he were willing to give up his art for you, he’d no longer be the man you fell in love with. You’ll both be happier and you’ll grow as a person; sacrificing your immediate desires can be immensely rewarding in the long term. You will probably be the recipient of wonderful hospitality and generosity and get to travel to places and have experiences that otherwise would not be available to you.

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