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Ress didn’t have a spouse or children, but she always had at least two cats she adored and was known around the neighborhood as a caretaker.She’d worked in convalescent homes for years, but even after formally retiring, Ress would go door-to-door in an apron delivering Thanksgiving meals to neighbors who had no one nearby to celebrate with.She planned every detail, including the end of her life, with the estate she established after decades working as a doctor in the East Bay set to go to humanitarian organizations.

“She’d sent me a pre-Halloween card 10 days ago.” On the card, Stephenson is pictured dressed as a member of the royal family. “She was a wonderful, delightful person,” Allman told the paper.

“There was a 20-foot fire tornado column,” she told the paper, “spinning around the patio.” Michael John Dornbach Michael Dornbach, 57, lived in Southern California but was visiting friends and family near Calistoga when fires ripped through the area early last Monday morning.

While his nephew begged him to flee along with the others, Dornbach wanted to save his new pickup truck but was having trouble finding the keys, his sister, Laura Dornbach, told the New York Times.

In Sonoma County alone, authorities said, some 50 people were unaccounted for as of Wednesday night.

Overall, 42 people have died in the fires burning across Northern California.

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“The house was completely leveled,” said her nephew Gabriel Coke of San Jose. But without electricity, there was no way to open the garage door.” Authorities identified Mc Reynolds in part through serial numbers from her double-hip replacement, Coke said.