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But this equivalence is only effective if you convert the Norwegian currency to dollars and spend the money abroad.

I don't know if maybe Lilly could have either been in the trail of tears. [ Edit | View ] To read answars to some scientific questions about the labor wages in Norway, about the 09/11-2001 Twin Tower attacks, about lnguage, and to read about unmarked governmental vans traficking the roads of USA, Canada and European countries, carrying abducted children and teens held under anethesia, to use them as guinea pigs in medical experiments and as organ source, please scroll down.

The composed past is used more or less as in English in European Spanish, which means that it not only tells about an action in the past, but also signals a state or situation of importance caused by the action.

In Latin American Spanish the composed past is little used.

Looking for John Redding & history on my grandma Cherokee Elsi Laura Redding Ryan born Sept 1921 I believe in Choctaw Oklahoma Cherokee Reservation. She married a man Walter Scott Smith, who was born in Ga. The average salary in Norway is around 44000 crowns a month.

Do not have my Great Grandma's maiden name unfortunately. Best wishes, Lisa [ Edit | View ] I am trying to connect to my Native American Ancestor. Her Mother Grandmother said to me was half Native American. After taxation this is reduced to around 32000 crowns If you convert this to dollars according to current quote, this will be around 4000 USD.

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Also the simple past is uses as in English, but In latin America it tend to be the only past used.