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In the document I say see figure 3 for further information. You can also generate a Table of Figures automatically using Insert | Index and Tables. Barnhill Microsoft Word MVP Words into Type Fairhope, AL USA If you created the reference using Insert/Cross Reference then it should (be capable of) update on its own. Sometimes, caption numbers go wrong when we move captions around, or delete them.When you've formatted all your number levels, click OK — finally!Once you're back in the Modify Style dialog box, don't be in a hurry to click OK.Working with an existing document and all its in-use styles can be troublesome.It can be done, but changing styles that are already in use almost always has far-reaching repercussions.To indent sublevel 2, simply change the Aligned At setting in the Number Position section. Format several, even if you don't think you'll use them.Simply select the appropriate number in the Level control and repeat the steps outlined above, updating the settings as necessary.

To explain further, I have a table of figures (say figures 1-15). What I would like is that the referenced 2 in the text gets updated to the new figure number (3). Bill If you have used autonumbered captions, each one is bookmarked and you can use Insert | Cross-reference, selecting Figure and then the appropriate figure; the cross-reference will update when you add or remove figures. Cindy Meister INTER-Solutions, Switzerland Forum This reply is posted in the Newsgroup; please post any follow question or reply in the newsgroup and not by e-mail :-) Bill, Look up "Cross-referencing" and "Auto Caption" in help. ------------- "Life is nothing if you aren't obsessed." --John Waters --------------------------------------------------------------------- This worked great for figures. It worked the first time (text was correct), but when I changed the text it does not update. To avoid surprises, follow these 10 steps to add a numbering scheme to a style.If possible, open a new document to create your numbered style.Right now, all eight sublevels are aligned with the left margin.It makes sense that you'll want to indent at least a few subheadings. For most documents, you'll need only a few levels, but Word offers nine.

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The existing heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on) are based on the Normal style. To edit Heading 1, do the following: At this point, you're ready to modify the Heading 1 style. The resulting Customize Outline Numbered List dialog, shown in Figure D, is the heart of this technique.