Updating firmware onkyo receiver

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Depending on the receiver model there are two ways to update1. USB ( Please unpack the ZIP file onto an empty USB Stick which has been formatted with the FAT file system.)Note: Please remove the wired/wireless connection before updating through USB.The TV screen will remain black until the update is complete and the power is turned on again. Check whether the USB storage device or USB cable is correctly inserted to the USB port of the unit.Connect the USB storage device to an external power source if it has its own power supply.Continue Reading No one component in the mainstream home theater pulls off as many feats as the HDMI or AV receiver.If you are looking to learn about AV receivers - you've found the right resource.

Hardware Setup" - "HDMI" and pressing ENTER, select "HDMI CEC (RIHD)" to select "Off".We hope you enjoy the improved functionality this update provides to your AV Receiver.Precautions for your Firmware Update Please enter [NET/USB] mode before starting the update. Set " HDMI Control " to OFF.- The firmware update should take 15 to 40 minutes (depending on receiver model).Firmware files are named in the following way: ONKAVR****_************Unzip the file on your PC.The number of unzipped files and folders varies depending on the model.

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Please note: if there will be an error message or a interruption during the update over Internet, please contact our service partner in your country.

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