Updating old interior doors

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Updating old interior doors

By the end of the 19th century, ostentation had reached its zenith in the elaborate Eastlake style house.

But, by then a great many people had had enough of industrialization.

There was a widespread and growing rebellion against the numbing imensity of massive mechanization and a longing for a earlier, simpler time.

The revolt began in England, where industrialization was the most advanced and its side effects the most odious.

If you are fortunate enough to own an Arts & Crafts home, you own a gem — a true American original — full of handcrafted details that are rarely seen in modern housing.

That 6,000 square foot Mc Mansion that your boss just bought is full of 1/2" gypsum board walls, painted MDF mouldings and carpeting over OSB subflooring.

While I emphasize the main characteristics for each one of them, I will try to join some interiors or products that illustrate each style separately.

Prints with geometric shapes, lines, plaid or printed with illustrations belonging to the Pop Art style. Maverick Style It is part of modern style, his approach is very inventive, unusual and unconventional. Structure can be obtained by joining pieces, overlapping volumes and volumes twisting colors can be randomly chosen even for the same room, seemingly nothing happens, only part of the excentrity of this style. Contemporary Style The style is contemporary-modern style but maintains a hot line through selected finishes and color range used. Colors are balanced, warm, bright tones and pastel can be out of the question when it comes to these style.

Finishes warm, wood-veneer, solid wood doors with frames or appearance to look more polished and panels upholstered with leather or sometimes, may be characteristic of this style.

Probably the most common variant of the elegant country style is the Cape Code style.

Houses designed in the Cape Code style will include pastel colors, distressed wood features, wood paneled walls, lots of windows, and what the folks at Any Weather Roofing call “dormers,” which are windows that protrude from the roof of the house.

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Textile materials, velvet, plush, upholstered pieces ptr skin are often used in shaping the ambience characteristic of this style.

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