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They had become aware of Paul’s ability, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to drive the spirits away.

Although they did not believe in Jesus, they coveted this power for themselves and tried to exorcise the evil spirits by invoking the name of “Jesus whom Paul preaches.” Verse 14 gets specific.

(Remember, there weren’t any air conditioners in those days!

) Whether the ones Paul sent were new, clean ones or he had used them for wiping his sweat away the Scriptures don’t tell us clearly.

The previous verse ends by saying that Sceva’s seven sons “were doing this.” The Greek tense for “doing this” means they were in the , the evil spirit they were trying to exorcise rebuked them by replying, “I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you? The evil spirit not only told them off, but immediately turned into the biggest, baddest kitchen blender set to frappe they had ever encountered.

Luke says he leaped on all seven of them and drove them out of the house bruised, bleeding and with their clothing in shreds.

His terminology in these two verses is precise and professional.

In a scientific sense, his description is adequate for anyone who wants to duplicate these miracles to give it a try — and fail completely.

They were the separate “face-wrapping” cloths used for burial.Every English translation I checked indicated that these were not “miracles,” but rather required two words to describe them.The Greek literally says, “ordinary miracles.” It was important for Luke to make a distinction between the extraordinary miracles of God through Paul’s hands from the “ordinary miracles” of those he describes in the following story.He said he “recognized” Jesus, and he “knew about” Paul.They are two different words in the Greek, with two different meanings.

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Perhaps in some cases a larger cloth was needed — one large enough to go completely around the afflicted recipient.

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