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It’s these signs that reveal the most telling things about your nature and your emotional temperament, and thus it’s these signs that are the most important when looking at how you get along with others… If you think a guy of a certain sign is or isn’t good for you – you may not realize that his REAL sign may be a constellation that is your very best or worst – but you don’t know anything about that, so you’re missing the key to it all.

So find out just how deep and specific and nuanced the REAL signs are…

Once you explain your stance to him, he will try and reason out the situation with you.

However, you need to deal with this situation carefully.

They will make sure that their kids are taken care off well. This also stems from the fact that they are egoistic and like to state their opinions in every matter.

But if you deal with them carefully, they will surely hear your side of the point as well.

Instead, acknowledge their point of view, make them feel understood, tell them what a genius they are, and then agree to disagree.

You don’t have to make “nice” with them – Leos appreciate strength and do NOT want a “wilting lily” for a lover.

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