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“Even I wouldn’t have wanted to eat it plain,” she said. If I do go meatless, I’ll order up a grilled Portobello.“I don’t know why you guys did that.” And, in fairness, when one of the carnivores dressed a plant patty with cheese, she assured us that it was “not totally disgusting,” and that the cheese masked the distinct vegetable flavor we’d picked up plain. But if you plopped a couple of Beyond Burgers on the grill at your next get-together—no, Jeff, we don’t have “cashew cheese”—I have no doubt your vegetarian friends would be pleased.Beyond Meat also says the burgers are free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs, which can't always be said for the store-brand chuck your cousin brought over.Plus, the Beyond Burger is a game-changer for fitness-focused guys who like burgers but eschew fattier beef burgers.Per the information booklet enclosed therein, each of these plant-based burgers came pre-seasoned.(Also: I was hesitant to tamper with their precision-engineered shape.) While the sliders were settling in the fridge, we fired up the coals, and soon the grill was hot and ready.After years of sampling lesser patties, one guest picked the Beyond Burger as her out-and-out favorite.

I’ve considered becoming at least a part-time vegetarian for that second reason, so part of me really wanted to love these things.

(Don’t be that guy who under-seasons ground beef.) Each of these pounds got divided into six sliders and refrigerated for an hour or so.

On the veg side, the good folks at Beyond Meat shipped your correspondent several boxes of pre-pressed plant patties.

The grass-fed beef and the 80/20 beef cooked at about the same rate, while the bison browned fast. Frankly, no one at our impromptu barbecue knew what to expect.

Dropped onto the grill, they behaved pretty much like a regular burger.

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Mine had a nice crust, but was a little chewy inside, and felt like eating something akin to corn kernels with a slight pea flavor.

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