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Faison, the star of Scrubs, recent addressed that pressing issue.costar Zach Braff, who Tweeted: “Congrats to @donald_faison and @caceecobb on their engagement.A motorcycle, a big-screen TV,” Faison told PEOPLE in 2002 — he was 27 at the time — a year into the couple’s marriage.“I was lazy and she straightened me out.” “He’s just a big kid himself,” Askey told PEOPLE that same year. I cant believe it has come to this but I know you are in a better place right now. #Rest In Peace #Best Mom #Love.” A rep for Faison did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.(PEOPLE confirmed that Askey has died, though her cause of death is unknown at this time.) “My son Dade is very brave.Today he and his brother Kobe and sister Kaya lost their mother. She and I never really saw eye to eye but one thing we did share was our love for our children. “You raised three beautiful children into fine adults and I am forever grateful for that.Actor Donald Faison is engaged to marry his longterm girlfriend Cacee Cobb.The Clueless star and Cobb, who worked as Jessica Simpson's assistant during her TV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, have been dating since 2006 - and now Faison has popped the question.

" And the stars' pals have already rushed to congratulate the pair on their happy news.Some were brought together by music, others by meth.One couple bonded over religion, two more over humor.Donald Faison announced the death of his ex-wife Lisa Askey on Thursday, a woman he credits for helping get his life together.Faison, 42, revealed in an Instagram post on March 2 that his ex-wife and the mother of three of his children — sons Dade (18) and Kobe, and daughter Kaya (18) — had passed away.

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Simpson posted a picture of Cobb showing off her engagement ring on Twitter.com, alongside the words, "Congratulations, Cacee! " Faison's Scrubs co-star Zach Braff writes, "Congratulations to Donald and Ca Cee on their engagement.

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