Who is garcia dating on criminal minds

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Who is garcia dating on criminal minds

Reid: I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire. Hotchner: Well, I wouldn’t have kept kicking you, but I was afraid you didn’t get my plan. Blackwolf: There’s a saying, ‘Once too much blood has been spilled on the same ground, the ground develops a thirst for it.’ Reid: I notice you don’t carry a gun.

Ryan: And you remember the page number and the quote? Blackwolf: No, I’m saying that Indians wouldn’t be so confused. Hotch: I figure the chances of my getting out of here alive are pretty slim. Hotch: Will you let me kick the snot out of this kid? Reid: Hotch, I was a twelve year old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. Reid: I know I should feel bad about what happened. Gideon: This is going to hit you, and when it does, there’s only three facts you need to know. Morgan: That’s what everybody says until they find the body in the basement. Reid: Despite the fact that they were probably expunged, she can find the faintest echo of deletion, successfully recreate the file, thereby sending us all to prison for computer felony fraud counts. Morgan: And remember, play into the guy’s fantasy, believe it yourself. Hotchner: Well, I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly. As far as I’m concerned you passed your qualification. Gideon: Not knowing what you feel, that’s not the same as not feeling anything. Hotchner (): The maximum distance an attacker with a knife can close and the time it takes to react, draw your sidearm, and fire is twenty-one feet. Outside twenty-one, I have other options besides shooting a man. Hotchner: You can’t tell that from my footprints, there’s no perceptible difference between them.

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Garcia: Challenge me, you beautiful behavioral analyst. Garcia: Your friendly neighborhood Oracle of all things knowable and unknowable at your service.

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