Who is marie digby dating

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Who is marie digby dating

Contrary to popular belief, Digby said she was already a signed recording artist when fame arrived via You Tube but she still credits the video-sharing site for her success."If you have talent, people will find you so that's what I love about You Tube, it sort of kicks the big companies out of the picture and puts the power back into the music side," she said.However, Digby said she preferred You Tube's "golden years" when the site was still "unaffected by commercialism".Since then, Digby has released several studio albums, EPs and singles, including one Japanese cover album.Her fifth and latest studio album Winter Fields was released on .No longer under Hollywood Records, she is only signed to Star Records in the Philippines.She is currently in the process of producing her first independent album and hopes for it to be out next year."Being under a major record label is an amazing thing because they have so much money so you don't have to fork out your own savings but the consequence is you lose your creativity and your freedom," said Digby of her decision to go indie.

Digby's cover of 'Umbrella' was an overnight success when she first posted it on You Tube and it came as a huge surprise. Other acoustic covers of hit songs have also been hugely popular."I still look back to those days and watch the popular videos like 'Umbrella', thinking to myself 'what's so interesting about this? ' I'm not sure what it is that made people want to pass it on to their friends but I'm just happy they did," Digby said.

Digby's first official single, "Say It Again", was released to radio stations on January 18, 2008.

Her debut album, Unfold, which was completed over a year before, was released on April 8, 2008.

She may look like your typical girl-next-door but life was not always so easy for 29-year-old American singer and You Tube sensation Marie Digby. Singapore in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter of Japanese and Irish-American descent admits to battling depression when she was only 12-years old."The years have been kinder to me as I get older but I when I moved to a new school when I was about 12-years-old, I was the ugly girl in school," said Digby."Kids were so brutal to me because I was chubby and had acne.

I was picked on everyday and it was sad for me because I could not change the way I looked," she her the Pantene Pro-Voice competition in 2004." data-reactid="24"The bullying she suffered as a kid inspired her to write the song "Miss Invisible", which won her the Pantene Pro-Voice competition in 2004."Writing and playing music was a way out for me to deal with my depression and it made me," she added.

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