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Here’s a taste of what their paid membership offers: Instant Messaging: If you’ve ever delved with dating sites, then you know full well that this a great feature to have.Sites like Plenty of Fish used to offer this and did away with it.This isn’t always the case, and online dating can be frustrating if you sign up and join the wrong dating site. You will be armed with the right knowledge, and all of the useful information needed to make a decision on joining a dating site after reading this review.

However, there are tons of sites out there claiming to have a winning formula to bring you and your long, lost lover together.

Rather than see the same old headline of a profile, it allows you to get changing thoughts from different profiles.

Multiple Photos: Uploading more than one photo of yourself doing things you love is the key to catching someone’s attention.

Unless you are absolutely desperate to date someone in South Africa, then there’s really no reason to join the site.

No, it’s not a scam and I do think your information is well protected.

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Having only one picture can be misleading about you.